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Elephant YIII Series Lever Hoists

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01 / 12 / 2019
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Perusahaan kami CV. Blatindoputra Utama merupakan perusahaan yg bergerak dibidang Supplier Industri. Kami sudah bekerjasama dengan beberapa perusahaan. Sehubungan dengan itu, kami bermaksud untuk menjadi supplier di perusahaan Bapak/ Ibu. Harapan kami, penawaran ini dapat terwujud dalam bentuk kerjasama sehingga dapat menguntungkan.

Detail Elephant YIII Series Lever Hoists

Elephant YIII Series Lever Hoists * Elephant' s high-tech load chains are approved by DIN 5684, one of the world' s strictest standards. This is the special heat-treated load chain of Grade + V ( plus V) ( 105kg/ mm2) whose tensile strength far surpasses JIS V class. * THE PIVOT OF SAFETY * FUNCTIONS: THE TORQUE * CONTROLLER MECHANISM * Hooks are safe even when accidentally overloaded. * Shock-resistant gear cover and brake cover. * Locking out dust and rain. * Bolted rubber grip assures safe operation. * Extraordinary braking force, easy release, and the finest antirust treatment. The brake mechanism is designed to avoid seizing. * The chain stopper protects the body. * A special surface-treated, rust resistant white load chain. * Superstrong load chain for heavy-duty use. * Dependable device prevents overwinding. SPECIFICATION DETAILS PLEASE CONTACT US: Syamsul Bahri ( Sales Manager) Operational Office: Gedung Harmoni Kota ( HARKOT) Lantai Dasar Blok D7 No.2 Jl. Raya Merdeka No.53 Tangerang Phone: 021-55732755 Mobile 081286086862 Email: syamsul@ Email: blatindoputra@ Website :

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